Secretarial functions of a company secretary

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Secretarial functions of a company secretary 

Company secretary is back bone for a company.Now its new name introduced by Institute of company secretaries of India ( ICSI )  is KMP - Means key managerial person.

Company secretary can work in various area we can say its biggest area of work for a professional as a company secretary because alot of related matter to a company secretary work in that secretarial functions available here.

   To ensure compliance of theprovisions of Companies Law and rules made there-under and other statutes andbye-laws of the company.

2.    To ensure that business of thecompany is conducted in accordance with its objects as contained in itsmemorandum of association.

3.    To ensure that affairs of the companyare managed in accordance with its objects contained in the articles ofassociation and the provisions of the Companies Law.

4.    To prepare the agenda in consultationwith the Chairman and the other documents for all the meetings of the board ofdirectors.

5.    To arrange with and to call and holdmeetings of the board and to prepare a correct record of proceedings.

---    To arrange with the consultation ofchairman the annual and extraordinary general meetings of the company and toattend such meetings in order to ensure compliance with the legal requirementsand to make correct record thereof.

1.    To carry out all matters concernedwith the allotment of shares, and issuance of share certificates includingmaintenance of statutory Share Register and conducting the appropriateactivities connected with share transfers.

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