agenda for first board meeting of company 2

Posted on 31-03-2016        By ADMIN

Agenda for First Board Meeting of Companies under Companies Act 2013 agenda for first board meeting of company SPECIALLY FOR FIRST BOARD MEETING OF PRIVATE COMPANIES As per New Company Law, gap between two board meetings can’t exceed 120 Days. If last board meeting of company was held on 31st March 2014 then next board meeting can be held upto 28th July, 2014 (April 30 days + May 31 Days + June 30 days +July 29 days = 120 Days). As all of us aware that there are some Resolutions {Mention under Section 179(3)} which company required to file with ROC in form MGT-14 within 30 days of passing of resolution. {In my earlier Article mentioned list of Resolution which we require to file with ROC). If you required that list mail me on Companies, who still not held First Board Meeting, require holding meeting in coming month. So in this article am trying to help you by providing the following:............ free Download complete file Companies Act 2013 free cs notes

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