company secretary Legal obligations and work as a KMP

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 company secretary Legal obligations and work as a KMP

Legal obligations of secretary:

A company secretary is a legal representative for a company in work. Company secretary now can represent his client in court as like lawyer.

But due to many responsibility on company secretary he need to do every leagal work with fair view for a here Legal obligations of company secretary is ....

1.     Filling of various documents/returnsas required under the provisions of the Companies Law.

2.     Proper maintenance of books andregisters of the company as required under the provisions of the Companies Law.

3.     To see whether legal requirements ofthe allotment, issuance and transfer of share certificates, mortgages andcharges, have been complied with.

4.     To convene/arrange the meetings ofdirectors, on their advise.

5.     To issue notice and agenda of boardmeetings to every director of the company.

6.     To carry on correspondence with thedirectors of the company on various matters.

7.     To record the minutes of theproceedings of the meetings of the directors.

8.     To implement the policies formulatedby the directors.

9.     To deal with all correspondencebetween the company and the shareholders.

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