cs Air and Noise Pollution act notes

Posted on 04-05-2016        By ADMIN

cs Air and Noise Pollution act notes This is an act - to legally CONTROL - Air and Noise Pollution in our Country. Earlier, some of the States had some enactments ( like the Bombay Smoke Nuisance Act, 1912 ) but these were NOT effectively enforced. Hence, the Air ( Prevention & Control of Pollution ) Act, was created in the year 1981 - from 16th May, 1981. It extends to the whole of India. “ PURPOSE ” :- The preamble to the Act - has stated the following 3 purposes :- 1. To provide - for prevention, control & abatement of Air Pollution. 2. To provide - for the establishment of Boards ( for carrying out the aforesaid purposes ) 3. For conferring on and assigning to such Boards - various functions and powers in connection with the above matters. “ IMPLEMENTATION of the Act ” :- is being done by the Central & State Govts. & the Central and State Boards. To remove the administrative & practical difficulties in implementing the act - the Govt. introduced various amendments - through the Air ( P & C of P ) Amendment Act,1987.

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