cs PROCESS COSTING mcq formula

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cs PROCESS COSTING mcq formula cs executive cost and management cost mcq formula cs cost mcq notes 1)To find the cost per unit for valuation of units to be trans. to next process and also for abnormal, loss or gain = Total process cost – Salvage value of normal spoilage Total units introduced – Normal loss in units 2) To find abnormal loss (or) gain (all in units): = Units from previous process + fresh units introduced – Normal loss – units transferred to next process (If the result is positive then abnormal loss. If negative then abnormal gain) 3) In case of opening WIP and closing WIP are given then there are different methods of valuation of closing WIP i) FIFO Method ii) LIFO Method iii) Average Method iv) Weighted Average Method 4) Various statements to be prepared while WIP is given: i) Statement of equivalent production ii) Statement of cost iii) Statement of apportionment of cost iv) Process cost a/c 5) FIFO Method: In these method total units transferred to next process includes full opening stock units and the closing stock includes the units introduced during the process. In this method the cost incurred during the process is assumed as to be used a) First to complete the units already in process b) Then to complete the newly introduced units c) For the work done to bring closing inventory to given state of completion 6) LIFO Method = Cost incurred in process is used for: a) First to complete newly introduced units b) Then to complete units already in process in this method closing stock is divided into two :

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