cs executive payment of wages act

Posted on 02-04-2016        By ADMIN

cs executive payment of wages act (A) Application: It applies to persons employed in any factory, to persons employed (otherwise than in a factory) upon any railway by a railway administration or, by a person fulfilling a contract with a railway administration, and to persons employed in an industrial or other establishment. (B) Nothing in this Act shall apply to wages payable in respect of a wage-period which over such wage-period, average 1600 rupees a month or more. (C) “Industrial or other establishment” means any- (a) tramway service , or motor transport service engaged in carrying passengers or goods or both by road for hire or reward; (b) air transport service other than such service belonging to, or exclusively employed in the military, naval or air forces of the Union or the Civil Aviation Department of the Government of India; (c) dock, wharf or jetty; (d) inland vessel, mechanically propelled; (e) mine, quarry or oil-field; (f) plantation; (g) workshop or other establishment in which articles are produced, adapted or manufactured, with a view to their use, transport or sale; (h) establishment in which any work relating to the construction, development or maintenance of buildings, roads, bridges or canals, or relating to operations connected with navigation, irrigation, or to the supply of water or relating to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity or any other form of power is being carried on; (i) any other establishment or class of establishments which the Central Government or a State Government may, specify, by notification in the Official Gazette. (D) “Wages” means all remuneration expressed in terms of money-

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