cs professional COMPANY SECRETARIAL PRACTICE old companies act 2013 paper

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cs professional COMPANY SECRETARIAL PRACTICE (old) companies act 2013 paper Draft a suitable notice along with explanatory statement(s), if any, to convene the ensuing 20th Annual General Meeting of XYZ Ltd. for transacting the following items of business. Assume all other relevant data: (i) Placing annual accounts for the year ended 31st March, 2014. (ii) Reappointing Mr. A and Mr. B as directors who retire by rotation and confirming Mr. R as director who was appointed as an additional director during the year. (iii) Reappointment of auditors (30% of paid up capital is held by the Unit Trust of India) (iv) To declare the dividend (@10%) recommended by the Board of directors. (v) To change the name of the company from XYZ Ltd. to ABC Ltd. (20 marks) 2. (a) Briefly explain the following: (i) A subscriber to Memorandum and Articles of Association of a company is illiterate. How can he sign them? (ii) ABC, a partnership firm, subscribes for shares of XYZ Ltd. The company rejects the application. Can it do so? (iii) XYZ Ltd wants to have entrenc download complete file

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