duties of company secretary

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duties of company secretary - companies act 2013 best self study notes DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS OF COMPANY SECRETARY The duties of .a secretary vary from company to company, depending upon the nature on the business, size of the company and the powers enjoyed by and responsibilities entrusted with the secretary. The duties of a company secretary may be classified under the following broad heads: 1. Statutory duties 2. General Duties a. Duties in relation to directors b. Duties in relation to shareholders c. Duties towards organisation and office d. Duties in relation to the public 1. STATUTORY DUTIES The statutory duties of a company secretary are those prescribed by the Companies Act or by any other legislation such as the Income Tax Act, Sales tax Act, Stamp Act, Employee state. Insurance Act, Industrial Disputes Acts, Contract Act, Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, etc, The most important part of his statutory duties re........... donwload cs companies act 2013 best self study notes file

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