icsi guideline to eligibility for company secretaries cs articleship

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icsi guideline to eligibility for company secretaries cs articleship 


Now cs student can get full knowledge of about  his cs articleship.In this file you can see when you can start your articleship - when you can make transfer of your cs articleship.

which form used for cs articleship.

when you can start your cs articleship.

in the runing time of cs articleship how many days you can take leave for cs exam and other work from cs articleship.

its complete guiding for cs articleship released by the institute of company secretaries of india - icsi.

  A candidate registered as a student on or after 16th September, 1982 and who haspassed the Intermediate/Executive Programme examination shall be eligible to undergothe apprenticeship training cs articleship under a whole-time Company Secretary in Practice or a firmof Company Secretaries in Practice under Regulation 48 (c) with the approval ofSecretary or Chief Executive if sufficient number of whole-time Company Secretaries inPractice willing to accept the apprentices are available.


The apprentice article and the Company Secretary in Practice will enter into aContract of cs articleship Apprenticeship. The contract will be executed in the specified form induplicate and signed by both the parties viz., the cs article apprentice and the CompanySecretary in Practice (Annexure-I). The contract will be filed for registration withthe Institute in the specified form (Annexure-II).

 4.2 The contract will be executed for a period of 15 months in case of whole-timeapprenticeship and as per the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982, asamended from time to time. The contract will be executed on a Non-Judicialstamp paper or form to be affixed with specific adhesive stamps or franking or byway of e-Stamping of the requisite value. Duplicate thereof will be given to theapprentice. The original contract form is not required to be sent to the Instituteand only the form for registration given at Annexure-II along with a copy ofcontract of training is to be filed with the Institute within 15 days ofcommencement of training.

 4.3 All columns of the contract form are to be filled up clearly andunambiguously. It should be signed by the Company Secretary in Practice andthe cs article apprentice at the places provided therein.


Only an ACS/FCS member, who is in whole-time practice as Company Secretaryshall be entitled to engage an apprentice for training

TRANSFER OF APPRENTICE FROM ONE COMPANY SECRETARY INPRACTICE TO ANOTHER.11.1 An apprentice can be transferred to another Company Secretary in Practiceon termination of his cs articleship apprenticeship by the Institute with the Company Secretaryin Practice with whom he was sponsored for training at the first instance.

CANCELLATION OF cs articleship APPRENTICESHIP: Where a complaint or information aboutany misconduct or breach of the aforesaid guidelines or breach of any terms of thecontract of cs article apprenticeship is received against the apprentice, the Institute may cause anenquiry to be made and on receipt of the report of enquiry and after giving theapprentice an opportunity of being heard, cancel the training or dire

COMPLAINING AGAINST THE EMPLOYER COMPANY SECRETARY INPRACTICE13.1 Where an apprentice makes a complaint against his employer CompanySecretary in Practice on a matter concerning his training, the Institute may causean investigation and take such action as it may consider expedient. 

FORM OF CONTRACT OF APPRENTICESHIP TRAININGContract of apprenticeship training made the_________day of_________ (month) twothousand and ___________between __________________ of_______________________ (place) (hereafter called the employee of the first part) andthe Company Secretary in Practice/Partner/Employer of M/s_____________________________________________ Company Secretary 

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guideline to eligibility for company secretaries cs articleship 

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