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what is company secretary - companies act 2013 best self study notes COMPANY SECRETARY The word "Secretary" is derived from the Latin word "Secretarius" meaning Confidential Officer. A secretary is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "one whose office is to write for another, especially one who is employed to conduct correspondence, to keep records and to transact various other businesses for another person or for a society, corporation or public body". The Companies Act 1956, as amended by the Amendment Act of 1988, defines a secretary as "any individual possessing the prescribed qualifications appointed to perform the duties which may be performed by a Secretary under the Act and any other ministerial and administrative duties". Therefore the Secretary is one of the principal officers of the company with the requisite qualifications to undertake secretarial work and management of the affairs of the company as per the provisions of the Act and instructions laid down by the Board of Directors. The Board, however, cannot alter the duties of the secretary as they are determined by the law. TYPES OF SE-CRETARIES There are various types of secretaries, such as 'private secretary, secretary to a club, cooperative society, government company, etc., A brief description of these types is as follows: ? PRIVATE SECRETARY A private secretary is usually appointed by an important person such as a minister in the government, member of parliament, manager, business magnate or professional men like doctors, lawyers, etc, ' His work is to attend to the correspondence and other personal work or office work of the employer. Sometimes, the private secretary may also be entrusted with certain duties of a private nature such as handling banking transaction, arranging meeting, parties, and drafting reports and speeches. ? SECRETARY OF A CLUB OR ASSOCIATION Non-profit making associations like Charitable institutions, cultural associations and professional association, sports and athletic clubs may appoint a full-time secretary to conduct the day-to-day activities of the association or club. As an honorary secretary cannot generally be expected to devote his entire time to the work of the association or the club, paid secretaries are appointed. The important functions of the secretary of an association are: 1. The attend to administrative functions such as correspondence, maintenance of accounts and records, supervision of staff and arranging for the

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