who can become a company secretary

Posted on 02-04-2016        By ADMIN

who can become a company secretary The qualifications possessed by a person holding the office as the secretary of a company immediately before 30the October 1980 shall be deemed to be the qualification, which he shall he required to possess in order to be eligible to continue in that company. The Company (Secretary qualification) Rules stated above, do not apply to a limited company which is formed for the promotion of commerce, arts and science, religion, charity etc,. and which makes priority payment of dividends to its members (i.e. a company to which a license is granted under Section 25 of the Companies Act). QUALITIES OF THE COMPANY SECRETARY: In addition to the statutory qualifications, a company secretary should possess certain other qualities if he is to discharge his multifarious duties efficiently. The qualities are: ? Sound General Education: A sound general education helps the secretary in grasping the subject without taking much of his time and effort. ? Command over Languages: As a large part of the secretary's work consists of correspondence and preparation of report and précis, it is necessary that he should have a command over language

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