cs executive Companies Act 2013 book

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Publisher : Notes Book Publication
Number of Pages : 230
Publication Year : 2016
Language : english
Description : best book for cs executive Companies act 2013 book CS executive companies act 2013 is new for all company secretary student.Our former act companies act 1956 now changed to companies act 2013.now company secretary student need to make again grip on all section and concept of companies act 2013 because companies act 2013 and company law is core subject for company secretary course and cs executive programme. cs notes home present best book for cs executive companies act 2013 with easy language and case study so cs executive student can make a good grip on cs executive companies act 2013 book and get good marks in cs executive companies act 2013 exam. Easy Language Most of case study Many question Case Law Points Tabular Formate Graphic presentation for easy understanding Index 1 INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS 2 TYPES OF COMPANIES 3 PROMOTION AND INCORPORATION OF COMPANIES 4 MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION 5 CONTRACTS AND CONVERSIONS 6 CONCEPT OF CAPITAL AND FINANCING OF COMPANIES 7 ALTERATION OF SHARE CAPITAL 8 PRIVATE PLACEMENT AND PROSPECTUS 9 DEBT CAPITAL 10 CREATION AND REGISTRATION OF CHARGES 11 ALLOTMENT OF SECURITIES AND ISSUE OF CERTIFICATES 12 MEMBERSHIP IN A COMPANY 13 TRANSFER AND TRANSMISSION OF SECURITIES 14 INSTITUTION OF DIRECTORS 15 INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS 16 BOARD AND ITS POWER 17 APPOINTMENT AND REMUNERATION OF KEY MANAGERIAL PERSONNEL 18 GENERAL MEETINGS 19 LOANS AND INVESTMENTS BY COMPANY 20 DEPOSITS 21 ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT ( ACCOUNTS PART ) 21 ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT ( AUDIT PART ) 22 DIVISIBLE PROFITS AND DIVIDENDS 23 BOARD’S REPORT AND DISCLOSURES 24 REGISTERS, FORMS AND RETURNS 25 INSPECTION AND INVESTIGATION 26 MAJORITY RULE AND MINORITY RIGHTS 27 MERGER, DE-MERGER, AMALGAMATION 28 PRODUCER COMPANIES 29 LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIPS 30 APPLICATION OF COMPANY LAW TO DIFFERENT SECTORS 31 OFFENCES, PENALTIES AND THEIR COMPOUNDING 32 WINDING UP OF COMPANIES 33 STRIKING OFF NAME OF COMPANIES 34 AN INTRODUCTION TO E-GOVERNANCE AND XBRL